Welcome to Mauli Junior College of Science, Shegaon Education is not about memorization. Education is about transformation. We aims to provide a loving environment suited for the best possible learning experience, where students are nourished with devotion and inspired with a will to work to become leaders of society and good human beings. Taking the blessings of Shri Gajanan Maharaj, We wish you all very great and wonderful future. We also welcome you to join the journey of success with us. LPHGPSS’s, Mauli Group of Institutions (MGI), Junior College of Science Shegaon,

LPHGPSS’s, Mauli Group of Institutions (MGI), Shegaon, is a highly commendable private institute, occupying a place of pride amongst the premier technical institutes of the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, India. The society was established in the year 1987. This institute is affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati. The institute is all set to march towards the pinnacle of success through its mission and vision in the field of engineering education of high caliber
According to Indian History, 'Mauli’ is the name of Sant Dnyaneshwar. Sant Dnyaneshwar was a famous saint of India who wrote the holy book ‘Dnyaneshwari’. It is believed that HE fashioned the state of Maharashtra with his rare writing skill. The Trust adopted this name with a vision to develop engineers of high potential, who could take up any challenges of any type of an engineering job and make it a grand success, guided by originality and professionalism. It is believed that an engineer should be able to write his own lines of success.
The campus boasts of lush green lawns that provide an ambience and a serene atmosphere of ancient times far from the hustle-bustle crowd these days. It has got 45 acres of land, out of which 12 acres is for engineering discipline which includes, academic building area, playgrounds, hostels, staff quarters, office, cafeteria, mess, stores, etc
It has well equipped laboratories having quality instruments and well furnished classrooms.
The institute offers undergraduate programs in engineering. It has four branches of engineering. Since, it is a technical campus, the institute shall offer other courses in the near future viz. Management, Pharmacy, Polytechnic, etc